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        Polypropylene engineering fiber
        • Non-crack, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking and so on. The reservoir, dam, dock, port, hydropower station, Airport, bridge

        • Description
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          Polypropylene fiber, also known as Project: cracking fiber, PP fiber, fiber works. Polypropylene fibers are widely used in industry, civil construction, mortar crack, waterproof layer, floors, interior and exterior wall treatment; swimming pool, pond, canals and other surface cracking enhancement; reservoirs, dams, docks, ports, hydropower, airports, bridges, tunnels, high-rise building; any fine aggregate mortar or concrete projects.

          Polypropylene fiber works the following features:

          1. High strength and elastic modulus, is conducive to the mechanical properties of concrete;
          2. Strong bond with the cement surface, by surface treatment, hydrophilic treatment stand hanging ash, increased intensity;
          3. Excellent dispersion, non Baotuan, effectively guarantee the cracking performance of the play;
          4. Fiber chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance.

          Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete works Enhancements

          1. To prevent the mortar, concrete shrinkage and cracking;
          2. Dry mountains and toughness of the deformation characteristics of concrete;
          3. Enhanced impermeable crack resistance;
          4. To improve the impact strength of the wall;
          5. Improve the peeling resistance, wear resistance;
          6. Improve the impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance;
          7. Enhanced protection bars function;
          8. To prevent the mortar to prevent cracking and crack propagation

          Polypropylene fiber size project


          Addition of polypropylene fiber works:

          Concrete: 0.9kg/m3;

          Mortar: 1.0kg/m3

          Bridge deck waterproofing layer :1.1-1 .2kg/m3

          Polypropylene Fiber Packing projects:

          20Kg, 25Kg, 36Kg bags density

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