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        polyester fiber
        • Bode polyester fiber can significantly improve the adhesion of asphalt pavement, high temperature stability, fatigue durability, and has a low temperature crack and prevent the performance of reflective cracks. The use of boron polyester fiber is an effective measure to improve the performance of asphalt pavement.

        • Description
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          Polyester is a dedicated fiber reinforced asphalt concrete, the material is 100% modified polyester. Fiber by UV treatment, a strong anti-aging ability. Bot polyester fibers can significantly improve the adhesion of asphalt pavement, high temperature stability, fatigue durability, and low temperature to prevent cracking and reflective cracking performance. Bot polyester fiber is used to improve asphalt pavement performance of effective measures.

          Physical parameters of polyester fibers: polyester tensile strength ≥ 569MPa material properties
          Color white, black and gray elongation of 50 ± 5%

          Diameter of 0.02 ± 0.005mm density 1.36g/cm3
          Length of 3mm 6mm 8mm melting point greater than 252 ℃
          Burning non-toxic material security than 556 ℃

          Polyester main functions:
          Enhance the cohesive force of the mixture
          Improved high temperature stability of the mixture
          Stiffening effect
          Toughening effect
          Improve the temperature stability
          Improve the low temperature crack resistance
          Improve the ability of anti-fatigue
          Extend the pavement life

          Polyester Application:
          Overlay existing asphalt concrete pavement for
          For old and new concrete overlay (white + black)
          For the new asphalt concrete pavement overlay
          For concrete, steel mask surface (steel + black)
          Establishment of air layers in the bridge (water layer)
          Reinforcement and repair roads
          The strengthening of the runway and apron
          Strengthened along the road

          Polyester fibers for use:
          Fly Design
          * For high-grade highway
          Day and night traffic incorporation (kg / t asphalt mixture)
          <3,000 1.5
          3,000-80,000 2.5
          > 80,000 3.5
          Polyester construction technology
          * No need to open the package when used directly in proportion to increases
          Into, convenient and safe. The requirements for raw materials do not add fibers are identical.
          * Construction Technology and do not add the same fibers, as long as the fiber and aggregate while adding mixer, first with the aggregate
          Dry mixing for 30 seconds, then add the wet asphalt mix for 30 seconds.
          * Ordinary paving equipment for rolling, not to increase other equipment.

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