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        Polypropylene fiber works
        • Concrete rigid self-waterproof structure, basement floor, side wall, roof, roof cast-in-place floor, reservoir and so on. Anti-cracking, anti-wear, demanding engineering, water conservancy works, subway, airport runway, port wharf, interchange viaduct bridge deck

        • Description



          Polypropylene fibers are polypropylene and other engineering materials synthetic fibers.

          The main function of polypropylene fiber works :

              1 to prevent concrete cracks
              2 improved penetration resistance of concrete
              Three freeze-thaw resistance of concrete to improve performance
              4 improve concrete impact , bending , fatigue , seismic performance
              5 to improve the durability of concrete, anti-aging
              6 to improve the fire resistance of concrete

           Polypropylene fibers are mainly used in the project :

              A cement mortar, inside ( outside ) wall painting, plastering aerated concrete , interior decoration and insulation mortar putty .
                2 Blast , fire engineering, air defense military engineering , oil platforms , chimneys, refractories.
                3 shotcrete , tunnels, culverts, lining, thin-walled structures , slope reinforcement .
                4 rigid self waterproof concrete structure, basement floor, side walls , roof, floor slab roofing , reservoirs, etc. . Crack resistance , impact resistance , abrasion resistance, high requirements engineering, hydraulic engineering , subway, airport runways , ports, Interchange viaduct deck , piers , long structure.

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