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        [The difference between one layer and two layers of polypropylene safety rope!]
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        The difference between one layer and two layers of polypropylene safety rope!

        Definition of polypropylene safety rope layer 1 and layer 2:

        Polypropylene safety rope is a kind of soft, wear-resistant safety rope made of synthetic polypropylene fiber. According to its different structure, it can be divided into one layer and two layers.

        A layer of polypropylene safety rope, also known as a single braided type, refers to the polypropylene fiber woven into a flat form to form a layer of rope to strengthen the structure.

        Polypropylene safety rope two-layer type is the two armor set together, by two planes of interwoven colors of polypropylene fibers woven

        The scope of use of the first and two layers of polypropylene safety rope:

        Polypropylene safety rope one-layer safety rope is suitable for hoisting, dragging, traction and other occasions, and after many strict quality testing and testing, has excellent tensile strength and wear resistance.

        Polypropylene safety rope two-layer type is suitable for pulling cars, climbing ropes, life lines and other fields. This kind of rope has tight structure, good toughness and high tensile strength.

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